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Hunt, Point, Retrieve Dogs for Working and Showing
Genres Dog Showing / Gundog Training / Gundog / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Hunt, Point, Retrieve [HPR] breeds of dog are unique in the gundog world. They are extraordinary all-rounders and no other gundog has the sheer range of capabilities, in the show ring and in the field, as well as in the home as pets. Aimed at both the beginner and ...Read More

Genres Dog Showing / Dog Activities / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970

Stand!: A complete guide to showing your dog from Companion to Champioship by Trish Haill is the must-have guide to dog showing in the UK, for beginners and seasoned exhibitors alike. From the mechanics and rules of exhibiting, to specific showing information for ...Read More

The Dog Groomer's Manual
Genres Dog Showing / Animal Health / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Dog Groomer's Manual by Sue Gould is the definitive reference book covering all aspects of the work of the dog groomer. This highly illustrated book will help owners, students and professional dog groomers develop their skills and knowledge. It will enable the...Read More

The Holistic Cat
Genres Cats / Animal Health / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970
The Holistic Cat by Holly Mash is a comprehensive guide to natural health care for your cat. It explores the complementary treatments available to look after your cat in a range of everyday situations, as well as for first aid and focuses on diet, natural remedies an...Read More
The Holistic Dog
Genres Animal Health / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Holistic Dog by Holy Mash

Holistic health is all about considering your dog in relation to his home, his diet and his routine healthcare. Whether you have used complementary treatments for your dog before or are just looking for a more natural way to car...Read More

The Horse Owner's Guide to Holistic Medicine
Genres Animal Health / Other Animals / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970

This authoritative guide to the principles of holistic medicine discusses the many ways in which alternative therapies may be used in the day to day care of the horse, as well as treatment of specific disorders. Essential reading for all horse owners, riders, trainer...Read More