These toys are perfect for gundogs. They are strong and durable and include items that will be useful for training. Some of the toys don't squeak so are perfect for working dogs in training!

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Chuckit Amphibious Bumper
Genres Gundog / Floating Toys / Chuckit
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper is made from nylon, rubber and memory foam, designed and constructed to float, endure abrasion and go easy on your dog's mouth. The knotted rope handle provides a non-slip hold. Floats high on the water. Brightly colored for increased vis...Read More

Chuckit Rugged Bumper
Genres Dog Toys / Strong Dog / Gundog / Floating Toys / Chuckit
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Chuckit! Rugged Bumper is designed to withstand tough dogs and rough play. The rigid polypropylene core provides durability and strength, while the contoured shape and over-molded TPR ridges allow dogs to easily grip for pickup and retrieval. The attached nylon str...Read More

Cotton and Jute Dummy
Genres Strong Dog / Gundog / Eco Friendly / Rope Toys
Release Date 01 January 1970

100% Natural Jutey Cotton Toy Braided, braided, and re-braided until it is a wildly solid mass of fun, the Jutey Cotton Dummy is a World Class Tug & Retrieve Toy. Woven from high tensile strength Jutey Cotton rope, this toy has got what it takes for ...Read More

Goughnut Maxx Baton
Genres Dog Toys / Strong Dog / Gundog / Floating Toys / Plush Toys / Guaranteed Toys
Release Date 01 January 1970
Goughnuts Black Maxx Stick is amongst our most durable chew toy. The Black Original Goughnuts dog toy incorporates carbon technology into the the rubber to enhance the performanceof the product making it suitable for extreme chewers. All the Goughnuts dog ...Read More
Gundog Training for the Home and Field
Genres Gundog Training / Gundog
Release Date 01 January 1970

The main objective of this fascinating book is to 'train the trainer' to ensure that he, or she, produces a socially acceptable dog that all members of the family, including the children, can enjoy, both as a well-mannered, confident companion and as a competent workin...Read More

Hunt, Point, Retrieve Dogs for Working and Showing
Genres Dog Showing / Gundog Training / Gundog / Books
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Hunt, Point, Retrieve [HPR] breeds of dog are unique in the gundog world. They are extraordinary all-rounders and no other gundog has the sheer range of capabilities, in the show ring and in the field, as well as in the home as pets. Aimed at both the beginner and ...Read More

Hydrosqueeze Bumper
Genres Gundog / Chuckit / Summer Essentials / Summer Fun
Release Date 01 January 1970

The Chuckit! Hydrosqueeze Bumper is designed to hold and release water for a refreshing way to play. This innovative water toy floats during water play & helps to keep dogs cool in warm spring and summer weather - it's the coolest way to fetch! Bright orange color ...Read More

Jute Bone
Genres Strong Dog / Gundog / Eco Friendly / Stuffing Free
Release Date 01 January 1970

This toy has four layers of jute twin stitched over a recycled cotton and jute rope. A great toy for throwing, tugging and general chewing, dogs can have hours of fun with it. Let them chew on something natural!

The toy is made from sustainable jute which is...Read More

Jute Crinkler
Genres Gundog / Eco Friendly
Release Date 01 January 1970

100% Natural Jute Toy  What happens when you take layer after layer of Jute, one of nature’s oldest plant based fabrics, and cover up a Recyclable Plastic Bottle? Why any Dog will tell you… you get one of the toughest noise making chew toys in the world! Your...Read More

Kong Air Tennis Balls
Genres Puppy / Gundog / Balls
Release Date 01 January 1970

KONG combined two classic dog toys, the common tennis ball and the squeaker toy, to create the exceptional AirDog Squeakair. These durable, high quality Squeakair tennis ball will not wear down a dog's teeth and will last longer than human tennis balls. 

...Read More

Kong Training Dummy
Genres Gundog / Floating Toys / Kong Toys
Release Date 01 January 1970

Get smart about training with the KONG Training Dummy. This highly visible foam dummy is a great toss-and-retrieve toy that teaches dogs to use a soft-mouth carry. The training Dummy floats for use in water or on land

2 sizes

Large 5.1 x 5.1 x 58....Read More

Mallard with rope and tennis ball
Genres Gundog / Plush Toys / Balls / Rope Toys
Release Date 01 January 1970

This toy is everything to every dog! Soft plush toy with squeaker, rope and tennis ball, designed to provide entertainment and encourage exercise. 

...Read More