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Tuffy Ring
Genres Strong Dog / Gundog / Floating Toys / Plush Toys / Tuffy Toys
Release Date 01 January 1970

Thi ring has 4 squeakers and rounded edges so it won't hurt your dog's teeth. It's a 9 on the Tuff Scale

WHAT MAKES TUFFY TOYS SO TUFF?   The secret to the TUFFness is in the design; each TUFFY is made using up to four layers of different types of ...Read More
Wild Knots
Genres Puppy / Plush Toys
Release Date 01 January 1970

Introducing KONG Wild Knots. Soft and cuddly on the outside but durable and strong, these Wild Knots Birds are sure to be a hit with dogs and their owners! The internal knotted rope satisfies dogs' natural instincts, and reinforced plush body provides extra durability....Read More