Small Dog

These toys are ideal for small dogs with big personalities!

Please also look at Chuckit - many of their products are available in small sizes too! 

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Puppy Giraffe
Genres Dog Toys / Puppy / Small Dog
Release Date 01 January 1970

Combination latex and TPR gives extra texture and interest for your pet. The extra textures on the TPR help to also clean the teeth as well as providing added excitement due to the mult texture approach. Latex toys are soft on the teeth and gums but incredibly durable....Read More

Squirrel Dudes - 4 sizes
Genres Strong Dog / Food Toys / Small Dog / Busy Buddy
Release Date 01 January 1970
The Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude toy is durable for tough chewers, with a funky bounce to keep dogs playing longer. The patented Treat Meter® chamber holds a variety of treat options, including dry kibble, treats, cheese, and peanut butter. Put peanut butter or treats inside ...Read More
Tennis Pals
Genres Balls / Kong Toys / Small Dog
Release Date 01 January 1970
A fun new puzzle toy, KONG Tennis Pals combine two of dogs’ favourite things: the tennis ball and the squeaker toy. The strong tennis ball, which doesn’t squeak, is loaded into the body of the squeaker toy, creating an entertaining challenge for dogs to remove. Alternativ...Read More