Puppy Packs for Breeders

Puppy Packs for Breeders
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Sending your new puppies home with the correct toys and treats to ensure they get the best possible start helps the new owners do the best for their new pets. 

Our puppy packs help you do this in the easiest way - you simply select from the items available in the correct size for your breed, we bag them into eco-friendly jute bags and they arrive just before the puppies go home and best of all we give you a substantial discount on the contents. 

You select everything included. You can select from toys, treats, foods, bed and bowls - just decide what you want to include.All we ask is a minimum of 3 bags are ordered.  

Puppy packs can either be provided as a gift with your puppy, as an additonal sale to the new owners or a recommendation to the new owners (which will trigger a donation to your preferred charity). It is also possible to create two packs - one that can be offered to puppy owners for free (reflecting your normal gift value of say £25) and a deluxe version which owners can select for an additional fee (eg £25 giving them a £50 pack which would have an rrp of say £75)

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