Jute Crinkler

Jute Crinkler
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Jute Crinkler Jute Crinkler

100% Natural Jute Toy 

What happens when you take layer after layer of Jute, one of nature’s oldest plant based fabrics, and cover up a Recyclable Plastic Bottle? Why any Dog will tell you… you get one of the toughest noise making chew toys in the world! Your dog will enjoy hours of “Crinkley” fun, and when the bottle loses its “Crinkle” simply pull it out and pop in another one.
All ABO Gear – Aussie Naturals products are tested by Atlanta’s Toughest Recue Dogs.

Jute Eco Friendly Recycled Water Bottle Inside Multi Layer Jute 100% Natural Made from sustainable materials.

Small uses Fruit Shoot Size Bottles

Large uses Standard Water Bottles


Gundog, Eco Friendly

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