Linkable Dog Toys (elbow, orb and twist)

Linkable Dog Toys (elbow, orb and twist)
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Linkable Dog Toys (elbow, orb and twist)

Linkables dog toys are a great new connectable treat-dispensing toy from Premier's Busy Buddy line.

  • Linkables can be used alone or joined together to increase the challenge for your dog and prevent your dog from becoming bored with the toy.

  • Great to keep dogs busy and happy. Linkables feature openings to place treats and Premier's patented Treat Meter to randomly dispense treats. (The Treat Meter consists of small fingers which allow treats to come out randomly and not all at once. You can also trim the fingers to make the treats come out easier or for use with larger treats.)

  • To use, fill the Linkables toy with small kibble sized or a bit larger treats. Make it easy for your dog at first until they get the hang of it and then sit and watch the fun! Begin using just one shape and encourage your dog to interact with it to get the treats out. Once he is able to work one toy you may want to link a second toy. The Linkables two part connection makes it so you can alter the level of difficulty so that your dog can more easily get the toys apart (yes, that's part of the game too!). Linkables "grows" with your dog you can add more pieces as your dog gets better at removing the treats!

  • Linkables are made from think, durable, natural rubber. However, Linkables are not a chew toy and not for destructive chewers. If your dog continues to chew the toy instead of playing with it to remove the treats, pick up the toy (exchanging the dog for a treat) and then give it back and only allow them to play with it when they are not being destructive. Please supervise your dog during use of the Linkables toy as with any toy.

  • Dishwasher safe in the top rack. 

Red Elbow is 5" long, Green Twist is 7" long and Blue Orb is 5" long.

Best for dogs over 10 lbs.