Zogoflex Air Wox

Zogoflex Air Wox
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WOX- West Paw Design's NEW interactive Zogoflex AirTM  toy for dogs.
With three wobbly legs, Wox is perfect for Tugging, Tossing and Shaking. It measures 10cm in diameter. 
Dogs will love the the squishy feel of the air-injected Zogoflex centre, the erratic bounce and the surprising shake.
Wox's gentle grip is easy on human hands and canine jaws alike - making for epic three-way tug-o-war games while also possessing a fascinating and unpredictable wiggly bounce.
This toy has a one time guarantee for replacement. 
What type of dog is Zogoflex Air best for?
Designed for dogs that have an intense play drive and love to be active…on land and in water, chasing, fetching, and chewing, mouthing or gumming their toys. The durable squish makes Zogoflex Air great for dogs of all ages, especially teething puppies and dogs with old chompers.

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