Mighty Mutt Bone Wand

Mighty Mutt Bone Wand
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Mighty Mutt Bone Wand

Heavy weight rubber toys for aggressive chewers

·         Hollow centre to fill with treats

·         Floating makes them perfect for fetch

·         Made from non harmful materials

·         100% recyclable

·         3 year chew proof guarantee

A video of one of the toys in a blender to show you how strong they are can be found at http://youtu.be/jBWfx6j045s

Mighty Mutts – 3 Year Guarantee

Mighty Mutts by Pet Love are a range of chew-proof dog toys, perfect for any dog that aggressively chews and can destroy other toys in minutes. Every Mighty Mutts toy comes with a 3-year chew-proof guarantee, the details of which are listed below.

Despite trying our very hardest, there will never be a dog toy that is 100% chew-proof. Mighty Mutts are made of an extremely strong, revolutionary material; however there will be a very small selection of dogs that are strong enough to chomp through them.

The sizing of Mighty Mutts toys is very important, and each toy is designed with specific dog sizes in mind. Always refer to the sizing guide before purchasing a Mighty Mutts toy. Be aware that a Chihuahua-sized toy would be far too small for a Great Dane and could potentially lead to choking for a larger dog with a much stronger jaw.

Upon purchasing a Mighty Mutts toy, you are entitled to 1 free replacement within the 3 year guarantee. To obtain a replacement for your Might Mutts toy, follow these steps:

Create a parcel including:

·         Your damaged product with proof of purchase

·         Details of which product you would like replace your toy with (make sure you’ve selected the right size and perhaps try a different Mighty Mutts shape)

·         Your full address details, including contact telephone number

·         The breed and age of your dog

Post the parcel to the UK address:

Interpet Ltd, Interpet House, Vincent Lane, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3YX

When they receive your parcel, they will test the damaged toy to help develop our future products. Any remaining pieces of the product will then be recycled. We’ll also take note of the age and breed of your dog as it’s great for use to know a bit more about the incredible dogs destroying our products. This guarantee is a one-off free replacement.


Mighty Mutts rubber contains no materials that are harmful to you or your dog