Pet Tags Now Available


We Are now stocking Uk made pet tags! 
Made in the UK, each of our Pet ID tags have been designed with three things in mind: Quality, Identity & Personality!
We also have our exclusively designed Collar Tags. These Dog Tags for Collars make excellent agility dog tags and are perfect for those pets who like to explore and get themselves in the smallest of spaces!
The Control of Dogs Order 1992 mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar or tag with the name and address of the owner on it. Our Pet Tags help make this necessity fashionable and can add valuable information about conditions etc!
The tags utilise the latest in technology to create Pet Dog ID Tags that are extremely hard wearing, durable & 100% waterproof. We are proud to stock one of the strongest Pet ID Tags on the market. Engraved Pet ID Tags can wear away after a short amount of time and need replacing frequently. Ours use a different system which not only means our tags are much easier to read than traditional engraved Pet ID Tags but it also means our tags will remain bold and clear for its lifetime. Our tags are a lot more vivid than engraved pet dog ID tags as we use black text on a white background which really helps the text to stand out. With the standard engraved Pet Tags you have to hold the ID Tag very close to be able to read the details. With an ID Tag from us, this is no longer a problem. The bold black text can be easily seen & read from a distance.
We are proud to have such a large selection of Tags for Dogs and Cats available in many designs and styles. All tag orders will be made to order in a small family Devon workshop
Article Date: 10 November 2014