Fleischeslust Food Coming Soon

Fleischeslust Food Coming Soon
We are delighted to have found a 100% Natural Pet food made with at least 80% Fresh Meat of human grade (always meat, organ and muscle - never feather or skin) and packaged in convenient sausages for ease of storage and use. Each sausage has a long shelf life so perfect for emergency dinners during long journeys or for taking on holiday. 
Species-appropriate nutrition is the guiding principle of Fleischeslust and reflects the values and qualities that we recommend as raw feeding specialists. Many ofthe ingredients are organic and sourced from farms local to the production in Germany. Only raw materials which stem 100% from food production are used in Fleischeslust Food. They features transparent labelling with full clear listing of all ingredients. 
The products are free from:
Preservatives, flavouring agents and colorants, ?Antioxidants, sugar or chemical binding agents, Carcass meal, cheap filler material or low-grade slaughter waste
We will be stocking the full range including the 100% meat cans and the selection of treats including freeze dried novel proteins. 
The treats received 5/5 on All About Dog Food the independant review site (http://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/dog-treat-reviews/1331/fleischeslust-steakhouse-air-dried-mini-treats) and we will be stocking the full range. 
The food earned 4.5 out of 5 on the same site (http://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/dog-food-reviews/1312/fleischeslust-steakhouse-tins) and we will have 3 sizes and all 3 different ranges
It has taken us some time to find an non-raw range that we were happy was natural and that we felt we could recommend to our customers. It will be the first non-raw food we will be selling. 
The range is popular with raw feeders and holistic vets. In an interview with RawDogfood.co Holistic Vet Nick Haywood of Holisticvet.co.uk was asked
"If you can’t freeze your food, say if you’re travelling, what would you recommend?"
and he replied
"Steamed, go for steamed. There’s a company that I’ve come across, Fleischeslust, pretty expensive but pretty good quality, it’s kind of organic and they do deer and horse and all sorts of things."
The food will be on an offer at first of buy 5 get 1 free across the whole range.
We will also be offering tasting at shows in the coming months.
Article Author: Katy
Article Date: 17 February 2016