Shop Now Open

Shop Now Open

The new shop allows us to expand on our canine offering.

We still  have a wide range of toys including brands such as Chuck it, Kong and All for Paws. We also have our large range of treats including Feelwells, Tribal and a range of natural UK and EU produced meat treats on display. 

We are now also able to stock a range of raw foods including The Dog's Butcher, Cotswold Raw and Billy and Margot Icecreams for a little treat. We will also be stocking a carefully chosen range of high quality wet and dry dog foods including some vet recommended diets for specific conditions, freeze dried foods and steamed foods. 

The shop also has

Collars and Leads

Post-surgical equipment

First Aid Apparatus



Large food puzzles


Dogs are very welcome - if your dog is nervous and would prefer to shop without other dogs present we can arrange a private shopping experience at no charge. Just call. 


Article Date: 16 September 2016