Homeopathic Remedies.

Many are blends and mixes designed for a specific range of issues but some are more traditional examples of homeopathic remedies.
Here are some suggested remedies & their uses:
Arnica is the one remedy that no pet owner should be without. It’s keynote is INJURY – accidental or otherwise. It helps prevent BRUISING, limits bleeding, encourages HEALING and reduces pain and the effects of SHOCK. It can be used in any situation from minor sprains and strains to helping with serious traumatic injuries such as a road accident. It is a good idea to give Arnica a day or two before any planned SURGERY (such as spaying or castration) or dental work and for a day or so afterwards. By doing so you can help reduce the risk of haemorrhage and associated complications and ensure that wounds heal quickly with the minimum of bruising or infection. You can use Arnica for dogs that have been over exercised or are just exhausted. It can assist in recovery from STROKES and help revive newborn puppies or kittens.
Arsenicum album has been famed as a classic poison throughout history. Since good poisons make excellent remedies homeopathic Arsenic has a multitude of uses. One of its main indications is in treating GASTRO-ENTERITIS, particularly from eating spoilt food or rubbish. NAUSEA, VOMITING and RETCHING are prominent and food is refused. There is thirst for small quantities of water, which may be vomited back immediately. The Vomit can contain blood, bile, food or mucus. There is often simultaneous DIARRHOEA, which is offensive and may also contain blood. The animal is very cold and hugs the fire. Symptoms are often worse around midnight. Arsenicum is also a major SKIN remedy where there is ITCHING, REDNESS AND FLAKING (DANDRUFF) which is often ALLERGY based. It is also a remedy for ANXIETY or RESTLESSNESS especially where this is a problem at night with pacing around.
CONSTIPATION is the main indication for Nux vomica. It works well where the dog or cat strains, but either little or nothing is passed. In fact, if straining is absent then Nux vomica is not the correct remedy. It is also a remedy for the LIVER and for helping restore the DIGESTION after an upset. In this context it is useful after surgery where it helps DETOXIFY THE LIVER and stimulates the appetite. It can also be used for VOMITING caused by overeating, change in diet or rich food and for colitis induced by similar problems. Nux vomica is indicated for strengthening WEAK BACK LEGS where there is a tendency to drag the feet and for low grade LOWER BACK PAIN.
Rhus tox grows in the USA and is renowned for its effects on the skin. Contact causes intense itching with redness and blistering. This effect might suggest that its main use is in treating skin problems, however it is better known as a remedy for ARTHRITIS, STIFF JOINTS, BACK PAIN and RHEUMATISM. It is one of the most frequently prescribed remedies. Rhus tox works where stiffness is evident and is worse in damp, cold weather and after rest. Symptoms ease with warmth and gentle exercise, whereas prolonged activity tends to make things worse. Sometimes the joint or muscle pains make the animal restless, resulting in moving around from place to place in an attempt to get comfortable. These symptoms may be especially noticeable in the evening or at night. Rhus tox is also the main remedy for STRAINS and SPRAINS, especially to muscles, where the symptoms match. This remedy is also used to treat SKIN PROBLEMS, especially those that are ALLERGY related including where there is inflammation of the skin around the eyes or genital region.
Ruta grav is a lot like Rhus tox and is used mainly for treating STRAINS. It acts on tendons especially where they attach to bone. It also acts on the periosteal (outer) layer of bone and is important in treating INJURIES to BONE including FRACTURES. It is another remedy to be considered in cases of ARTHRITIS especially where symptoms are worse for resting and in damp weather. Animals that respond well often have great difficulty getting to their feet after lying down or have a tendancy to flop down as their legs give out easily.
Article Date: 16 November 2016