Caring for your pets in an emergency

Looking after your pets in an emergency.

Our pets are our family; for many of us we feel our home isn’t complete without them. Recently a customer of ours had fire damage to their home – no one was hurt but it was necessary for them to move out for a few days while the insurance company went in and assessed the damage and repairs were made. This got us thinking about what we would do if there was an emergency in our home or while we were out and how this would affect our pets.

Firstly some ideas for an emergency where you need to leave your home...

1)Make yourself something called a grab bag. This should be small enough for anyone to carry, stored in an accessible place (with any carriers for cats or smaller pets), and contain all the items you would need if you had to leave your home in a hurry. Include items like a lead for your dog, any medicine your pet takes & their medical records or  pet passport, enough pet food for 2 days, a blanket , litter or poo bags & a toy. I’d also include basic pet first aid kit (pop in to discuss what would be useful for your kind of pets)

2) Ensure your pet’s microchip details are up to date. If your pet were to escape during an evacuation or emergency situation then it will make it much easier to get them home safely.

3) Think about what you would do if you couldn’t go home for a few days. Is there a friend or family member who could take your pets. Are their vaccinations up to date or have they been recently titre tested – would a local kennel take them? Would your insurance company cover the costs of a pet friendly hotel?

It is also important to think about incident s outside the home.

If your car broke down does your recovery policy allow pets to travel with you? This is worth checking as some do not. For longer journey it might also be worthwhile taking your grab bag with you, just in case.

We recently launched a card which is designed to help your pets if you are involved in an emergency or accident and your pets are home alone. It is a free card for you to complete and carry in your wallet which would alert first responders that you have pets at home. It allows you to nominate someone who can look after them in an emergency – someone with keys to your house and who is familiar with your pets. You can also record useful information like medical conditions or allergies on the card so that if the emergency services have to rescue your pets they know how to keep them healthy until you are able to get back to them.

These cards are free and available from the shop at Duck Farm Court so come in and collect one.  

Article Date: 16 March 2017