Sensory Gardens for Pets

A Sensory Garden is made up numerous different smells, textures and sounds to engage all the senses and offer enjoyment for your dog or cat. It isn’t necessarily hard to make one in your own garden!


Dogs and cats love nothing more than having a sniff about. Here are some of the scented plants which have a beneficial effect that you’ll see in store for your Sensory Garden:

Catnip: not just for cats! This has relaxation properties and stimulates playfulness in dogs

Cat Grass : helps cats deal with hairballs.

Dandelion Root: helps to detox the stomach and gall bladder

Echinacea : Supports the immune system and helps fight infections

Lemon Balm : helps with bowel problems and to help with stress.

Marshmallow: known to help animals with delicate stomachs

Milk Thistle : used to protect the liver

Vervain: valuable for treating and nourishing nervous system disorders such as depression


Sounds, textures and activities are also great ways to engage dogs and make them feel relaxed

Toys, activity tables and games (such hunt games, treats hidden in logs etc)  provide mental stimulation and enjoyment and there are lots of ideas in the shop or we can suggest things you can easily make at home. An area of astro-turf , tyres as planters and a wooden bark trough of water provide different and interesting things for the dogs to sniff, feel and touch and a paddling pool is a great way for your dog to play and cool off in the summer time!

Also consider things like wooden wind chimes provide soothing and relaxing sounds for the dogs to listen to. Non-invasive and natural noises such as these have a calming effect, making the dog feel at ease.


We hope you enjoy making your own sensory delight for your dog in your garden this summer!

Article Date: 24 May 2017