Rainy and your dog's senses

Rainy and your dog's senses

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Dogs and their sense of smell in the rain

It’s raining today in Aylesbury. It’s good for the garden but not so good for long dog walks is it?! The rain got me thinking about how dog’s experience the world in the rain. Did you know for example that rain actually improves the scent profile of the dog’s environment?

Humid air traps smells causing them to linger longer than normal which means for dogs (who have a far advanced sense of smell anyway) that they are presented with a wide variety of odours, often with greater intensity. This can increase their desire to go off exploring – maybe, if your dog isn’t so great at recall, rainy days aren’t the day for off lead walks unless you enjoy standing in wet fields in a kagoul!

 Scents survive longer in the rain so your dog might notice the presense of other animals who have visited the garden overnight more than normal so check fences are secure so avoid them escaping to track Mrs Tiggywinkle. They may spend longer outside exploring the plants and garden areas as they will smell new and interesting.

Can you use the rain effect to your advantage? It is true that the optimum time for search and rescue dogs to track a scent is in light rain as the scent gets trapped close to the ground. So if it is raining or drizzling you could play a game of hide and seek with your dog in your garden – hide a favourite toy and see if your dog can find it – instead of going on a long walk.

Let me know what your favourite rainy day dog activities are! 

Article Author: Katy
Article Date: 28 June 2017